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Learning the Ropes

Updated: May 7, 2021

But this was not our first rodeo, we have camped in a truck camper where I said TOO SMALL and then came the BUS. A lovely 1995 38 foot Diesel Pusher Coachman Destiny that we fully renovated. What she lacked was an engine brake to meet the standards of the driver. Plus the co-pilot was not going to receive driving lessons and this rig was not going to go everywhere like we had been dreaming about for so long. The camping lessons are different for each rig. What you pack, where your go, and how your set up will be.

This was our first outing with Luci and Someday. Oak Hollow Family Campground in High Point, NC in early March, 2021. This is a great campground very close to home. We were so excited to get to camping that we rushed and then got to the campground after dark. It is not advisable to hook up for the first time in the dark.

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