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That was a BAD idea.

I mean if you have hooked up your rig 1000 times and have it down in your sleep, then by all means, do a full hook up in the complete dark. I mean we threw it to the wind and hooked up for the first time IN THE DARK.

Everything was all good the next morning, the tempers had subsided and the bacon and coffee made the morning better. That is until we decided to learn how to dump the gray and black tanks for practice. It was a good thing we did this before those tanks were full. In the dark, the red caps that are on each end of the sewer lines were not noticed. In the dark, the person holding the flashlight should be a better checklist director and not shine the light off the rig which causes a sun glare.

The toxic waste spill was averted as the red caps were removed in the nick of time. Over coffee, we discussed how to improve the hook up sequence of events. One thing that is nice in the Airstream versus the 38'foot Diesel Pusher is there is limited space for hookup items. You are forced to JENGA and take only what you need and put it exactly back where it all fits. The big underbelly of the BUS allows for sloppy and misplaced items. Plus those basement doors are Massive and heavy!

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